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helping those in need, showing care and compassion, and expressing gratitude sincerely matters at solace, which is why the solace foundation was created.
the foundation works to bring love, light, and solace where it is needed most; within our local communities and the wider world.

your donation today will spark hope and is a gift of love, this love will be passed on, thankyou, we are sincerely grateful for your contribution

if you are just making a donation today, please select 'solace foundation donation' as your delivery method upon checkout, however, if you have other products in your shopping cart, please select either 'standard delivery' or 'express delivery' to pay for postage and packing, thankyou.

please be aware you will still receive two emails as per a normal order: the first confirming we have received your order and second confirming it has been processed; in the case of a donation, first means we have received your order (donation) and second it has been processed.

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